Help Protect Marriage and Children

Referendum 71 is Ready!

120,577 Signatures Needed by July 25

Marriage has been defined historically, culturally and morally as the union of one man and one woman.
It is an undeniable truth that families led by both a father and mother provide the best structure and support for children, communities and culture.
The recent hostile acts of redefining marriage by our state legislators and Governor Gregoire is what has set the stage for Referendum 71.
They carefully crafted and passed a bill using the guise of domestic partnerships, but revealed their true intent by infusing the phrase "marriage shall apply equally to state registered domestic partnerships" 180 times throughout the bill.
This assault on marriage in Washington State will not go unanswered. Marriage is ground we will not surrender.
Their bill made Referendum 71 necessary, and now is our moment to boldly defend marriage and children.
Washington Eagle Forum urges every citizen to help this effort by signing and distributing Referendum 71.

Your Action Plan Checklist
• Order referendum’s today by calling 360.354.8505 or emailing
• Referendum information is available for you to print on our
web site
• Pass on information and links to everyone on your e-mail
• Register voters at
• Communicate with your Pastor/church re: Ref 71.
Everything you need is available at